Add Topography (Mesh) - Result not editable

Hey guys,

I created a topography using Add Topography (Mesh) and the resulting topography is not editable in Revit. Is there a reason for that?

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Hmmm, I’m not seeing anything that would prevent this unless it’s something inherent in Revit. the topo surface can still take a pad or sub-region but like you are showing isn’t editable to add points.

Not finding any info about this behavior at the moment. Perhaps it due to trying to preserve the facet structure of the mesh, vs Revit by points creation that recalculates.

The Topography points are either interior or exterior, its seems that with a hole like that it would immediately change those to interior and fill.

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I am having the same issue - unable to select the “Edit Surface” tool after using this same Mesh-GH-Revit (Via Rhino.Inside). The topo surface accepts subdivisions, pads, etc., but I cannot adjust the topo surface itself.

I am posting this to note that this is still an issue.

Rhino 7 (updated as of 12.19.2022)
Revit 2023 (updated as of 12.19.2022)

Hi @SuitableConditions,

Rhino.Inside creates geometry Pinned.
Please double check you don’t have this disabled.

Hi Kike,

Thank you for this note, but I did not adequately explain the issue. I can select the topo. Like Mucahit’s post, the “Edit Surface” tool is greyed out and unusable when selecting the Revit.Inside produced topo. Also, I am testing this after closing Rhino.Inside, unlinking the geometry from Rhino.Inside and saving to the model. So this topo surface should be considered Revit geometry at this point.

How many points, are you adding to the Topography surface?

Can you share an internalized version of the mesh-points you are using as input as well as the boundary.

Would be nice if we can reproduce it here.

You will need to create the surface by points if you would like it editable in Revit. You can’t add points to a mesh topo.

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Thank you - I will test that on my next site. I am on a mission to get my office to integrate Rhino + Rhino.Inside into our workflow, because the site tools in Revit are a joke.


If you want your Revit topography to be editable, try to create them using ByPoints node. ByMesh node creates the accurate geometry, but it is not editable within Revit. It is a limitation on Revit’s API, not RIR.


Is there a way to set a terrain boundary using the point method?

Can you explain a little more? The exterior points form the terrain boundary if i understand the question.

Correct - Sorry for not providing more specifics. I will send a more comprehensive set of images and notes tomorrow. I figured out a workflow to get my desired result, so if I walk you through it, you can hopefully suggest a Grasshopper (Rhino.Inside) component to replace a few manual methods from within Revit. Thank you.