Added rhino geometry to revit didn't work at all

I added rhino’s geometry to revit using rhino.inside. After my adding I can’t pick it up on revit editor window. Also I cant’t see that model at elevation window. What’s the problem ?

  1. You have select pinned objects turned off. Element Track objects are generated pinned in the Revit Document.

  1. The elevation is mostly being cut in front of the element.

Thank Japhy for your comment.
I solved unseened elevation problem. Also I can pick my geometry up at revit.
But my work is to make floors on it. Still I can’t select it and add floors on.
I think my grasshopper process has no problem as you know.
How can I control my objects at revit state or modify them ?

I will need to see how you are creating these to be able to help.

There is only one way to create Revit Floors that are editable; that is via the Add Floor component.

You can create direct shapes on the Category of Floor but they won’t be editable or have a Floor Type.

Hi :slight_smile: thanks for answering this question, I was wondering if you has any further advice, I am having the same problem as above, but I have select pinned object turned on, and I still can’t seem to select the geometry?

Did you try restarting Revit? it may have lost context.

I’ll need more info to be able to dig into this, file with the condition isolated? I don’t think I would be able to tell much from a screenshot. What category are you creating Elements in?

If you need to upload privately