Add Points to an Existing Topography

Hello Guys,

I’ve looked up at this forum for other topics with this matter, but couldn’t find anything… I’m trying to create a script to add points to an existing topography, I’ve found this topic in Revit Forum (Solved: Add Points to TopographySurface Error: Not permitted to start - Autodesk Community) and I’ve tried to translate the code to Python via Rhino.Inside… It appears to work, since the topography starts its edit mode, but the points won’t add !!

I’d appreciate any help ! see attached the code ! (4.4 KB)

Hi Rodolfo,

There is a feature request for native Edit Existing Topography components.

Things have changed in Revit 2024, where topography is more like floors, initial testing shows that Host Shape will add points to topography in R24.

I’m not available at the moment, but can take a look at your script next week if it’s still in doubt.


For older Revit versions, you can use the below… (7.5 KB)

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Thank you Mohamed ! That’s amazing !