Direct shape polysurface - artifacts

I’ve converted mesh topography into Nurbs in RIR then begun to cut hardscape geometry, which I offset to create a polysurface road. I linked this to revit as a direct shape. Why all the strange lines/artifacts? Possible to disable them?

It’s going to be difficult to get ‘Proper’ directshape geometry by doing Boolean operations on topo solids and bringing them into Revit, too many tight and small edges. Lowering your tolerance (larger number) when doing these operations may help.

Depending on the overall project intent its generally worth taking the time to create good Revit topo elements.

Thanks for the insights.

Maybe this is too off topic, but can I inquire what in your opinion is the best way to create topography-contouring hardscape in Revit currently. Is it still the roads-as-railings trick?

If I model this way, would I create my sidewalk boxes and other hardscape ramps with void forms as a Boolean operation? Ideally I could edit sub elements of sidewalk, for example, to just drag points down to street level.

Here’s some good info on creating topography and such. I’ll ask around about doing curbs, and such, i think that’s typically done in 3Dmax from the fbx out of Revit. A lot depends on what the over all project intent is.

revit topo playlist


Do you know why Topography brought in through RIR is not editable? Must I add by import if I wish to edit sub-elements?

How are you bringing in your Topography? Add Topo by Point will allow editing, Adding by Mesh will not.

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This playlist is helpful - it seems the main point is to use filled regions for your topography tracing, which I will probably continue to create anyway from Rhino rather than Autocad, for now. When he says “drop the road when we get to max” is he saying that 3D road elements, like you mentioned earlier, are all created in 3dmax (or blender, etc)? This makes me think to reconsider the need for a workflow that purports to bring 3d road elements into Revit, assuming the visualization will be done after revit.