Add Silhouette option (Objects Lines) in ARCTIC Display mode


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let me add a wish here:
display a silhouette based on groups.
means I would group some objects and they get one “master” silhouette but no separate silhouette for the different objects in that group.


Yeah, that is a tough one I guess - Arctic uses OpenGL and ‘technical’ based modes use a different display pipeline altogether. But if you make a copy say ‘Artisic’ and modify it to remove the background image and just use white, you may bet something like what you want.

Copy of Artistic.ini (11.4 KB)


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yep but the ambient occlusion is way harder, can we modify this in artistic mode? And why we cannot save a copy as a preset without having a background image?


You can change the shadow color for the mode to be more of a gray to soften the results…

Hey All,

I know this is pretty old, but I was just trying to achieve an “Arctic” + “Silhouette” look for a view and realized that although I can get the shadowing to look relatively similar between a custom “Technical” mode and “Arctic” mode, the non-Open GL modes handle transparency way differently, and don’t work at all. See comparison images:

It would be great to figure out how to merge the linestyle control of the non-open GL modes with the shading/transparency of the Open GL based views. I don’t know enough about how these work to know how silly of an ask this is…

Anyway thanks for reading!

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