Display mode with AO and silhouettes, but without tangent edges?

I am not able to set up a display mode which offers ambient occlusion, silhouettes, but does not show tangent edges.
I made copies of “Pen” and “Arctic” as basic display mode and tweaked them so they look pretty equal. Unfortunatly, “Pen” does not have the option to hide tangent edges and “Arctic” does not show silhouettes!

Please help!


Hello - it looks to me like what you’re after is not currently possible.


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It would be nice to have this option, I ran into the same issue a few times before.


Thank you for your answer.
Is it possible to make a request for this feature?

I would like to reignite this post because I too am trying to achieve the ultimate display mode. Firstly, Arctic mode is fantastically pleasing to the eyes and I love the progress McNeel has made with display modes.

However, I need silhouettes! Any curved, revolved, swept, etc, surfaces really need that silhouette or they just aren’t defined when laid out for drawings. I’ve modified Artistic & Technical display modes to try achieve what I’m after, but it’s like I have to either have one thing or the other, I just can’t seem to combine Arctic with silhouettes.

Here is my favourite Arctic mode… with ‘show edges’ checked.

Here is Artistic mode… with silhouettes enabled, AO enabled, everything basically mimicking my Arctic mode settings to match the aesthetics, but when ‘show edges’ is checked I see lines that don’t exist in Arctic Mode. Notice at the corners of the trim on the fascia.

And here is Artistic mode… without ‘show edges’ checked. Notice the blocks of the spindles don’t have edges now.

My arctic mode is so close, just needs silhouette. Any hope of this display aesthetic being developed?
Please and thank you!

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Usually this is done by scaling your project and running make2d, then export to ai, then render your project at that scale, export to tga, edit your render in photoshop and cropping out data that’s not relevant to the detail, import the 2d ai to illustrator and then your render and adjust as needed. Seems like you’re trying to cut a lot of post-processing work :wink:

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The Technical display modes (including the Artistic) don’t have the ShowTangentEdges setting that Arctic is using to get rid of these extra lines. However, maybe in Artistic you can try turning OFF the edges, but turn ON Creases. Does that help?

Thank you for the insight Jarek, appreciated! Just checked and ‘show creases’ is on :frowning:

Some day my fussiness will be fulfilled…

Would you be able to share the file you took the sample screenshots from, showing the spindles etc. ?