Colour Outline in Arctic Mode

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to using rhino and have run into a problem in Arctic View.
When I’m using arctic view, all of my edges are coloured, as if wireframe mode is overlayed with arctic mode?
I remember watching a video a while back about it being some sort of ‘guide’ that I can turn on and off but I can’t find the video anywhere.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In Rhino Options > View > Display modes > Arctic > Objects
Click the Restore Defaults button.

Any luck?

Thanks for your super quick response John!
I’ve just done that with no luck, still has the coloured outline. It seems to be on all of the display modes, not just arctic.

What working display mode are you using?
Please take a screenshot of the settings in Arctic > Objects > Surfaces

Also run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post those results too.


Also, put you model into Default Shaded and send a screenshot of that.
I fear you may be running on a system with a GPU that does not meet’s Rhino minimum OpenGL requirements.

Are these what you’re after?

The lines used to be normal and not coloured, and I changed them a while back (I’m not sure how) and I now can’t change them back to what they originally should look like.

Are you sure you aren’t using this working display mode:

It’s definitely in the normal Arctic Mode. Even when I switch to that highlighted layer, it is just a black outline with coloured lines behind it.

The only other thing I see is your Rhino V7 is behind on Service Releases.
You’re on SR9.
The current release is SR12.

See if that sorts the problem.

I’m updating now.
I know that there’s a way to change it as I changed it myself. I was watching a video and it said that I could turn on those ‘colour guides’ to make it easier to see what I was working with while 3D modelling. I believe I was using sub-d at the time. The only problem is I’ve forgotten how to change it back and can’t find the video despite going through my watch history :pensive:

I’m not familiar with that video or that setting so hopefully someone else will chime in that recognizes the issue.


That’s okay, thanks for all your help!
Do you know if there’s a way I can reset rhino so that it may go back to the original settings?

If it’s a Display mode setting, you can go into Options > View > Display Modes, and delete all of them one at a time.

Restart Rhino and default working display modes will be recreated: