Transparency Support in Arctic

I would love to have better transparency in the arctic display mode. I really like to use arctic, but the transparent materials are all or nothing so I have to overlay multiple images which works but is time consuming. Hoping that can get on the list.

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Supporting transparency would be great.
You can set up objects to use rendered mode though (on a per object basis) but I don’t know how that works with arctic. (Logged off the computer for the night)

Arctic supports full gradient of transparency (via Custom Material > Retain Transparency), but you may need to tweak the default shadow settings for that display mode. Set it to Always Cast Shadows and it should work:


This really helped. Thanks.
It’s becoming really tough to decipher those convoluted view settings…

Great. Agree that some features are well hidden but that’s the price to pay for so fully customizable display engine. I still prefer that than a few basic presets that we can’t change…


That’s not my point.
The settings could be as numerous, but well organised.
In this particular case, what’s the point in this “Custom material” setting ?
Why can’t I just use the object’s color and set some transparency ?
And what’s that fuss with the shadows settings ?

So yeah there’s all these fantastic possibilities, but I suspect that many less persistent users will never benefit from them because of the labyrinthic settings, exceptions, wierd cases,…

I agree. Just don’t have a good solution to suggest to make it better and not limiting in all possible configurations. I would actually keep adding more customizations.
Hoping we will see separate settings for Skylight and Cast Shadows in V7 which should be a nice improvement for display speed and quality.