Add Perforation Ceiling Panels to Revit

Hi all,
I want to add perforation ceiling panels to Revit using RIR.
Currently I am passing the geometry with Mass, but I don’t think it is the best way – the best way I think is using the Revit system/native family to build the perforation ceiling panels.
However, I am not sure how we can pass the perforation panels with a system family…add ceiling? add floor or add slope glazing?
I wonder if someone has done something similar before?

Besides, I try to add the ceiling by mass for time being, but it is not adding to the location I expected.
I wonder how can I make sure the component goes to the right location?

RIR.3dm (14.6 MB)
Create Perforation Panel.3dm (6.6 MB)

Many thanks for the help.

I test it again, I found that passing it by generic model is better than by mass.
But still, I would like to know if we can pass it using the native system families, say, ceiling, curtain system or even floor?
Many thanks.

What is the intent of bringing in the perforations into Revit? These can really slow down a project, not impossible but probably more detail than you need.

The look can be achieved with a perforation material with Appearance Asset with a cut out (alpha channel)

There is a work-around for creating Family Templates for System Family Categories, except for the Curtain Systems, it already has a Curtain Panel Template family.

This might be do the Revit Project Location setup. The two Rhino files you posted are in the same spot.

You may have to do a plane plane transform (orient3D) to your geometry/location.

Can you provide more information?

Yes, you are right, agree using Appearance Asset with a cutout is a better way. It will make the model less heavy.