Use Rhino for Massing and transfer it to Revit

Hi Everybody,
I would like to do the massing in Rhino and then transfer the massing element to Revit. I would like to transfer it to Revit as an “In-Place-Mass” and not as a “Conceptual Mass Family”.
Is this possible?
Thank you in advance.

The closest thing would be a Direct Shape in the Massing Category.

What will you be doing with said Mass?

Its not going to have the same flexibility or properties as an in-place mass element.

In-Place Masses are not supported via Revit API

Thank you for your answer.
I tried to do what you showed, but it doesn’t work with the Mass Category. It works with other categories but when I change the category in Grasshopper to “Mass” the box disappears in Revit. I have no idea what happens.

Sorry. I forgot to turn on the Mass Category in Revit. It works now.

I would like to create Mass Floors and Curtain Systems. But this doesn’t work with this “Direct Shape Mass”.
Is there any other option?

Not without creating a Conceptual Mass Family.

Curtain Systems can be placed on a Generic Model Family Face as well.

Thank you for your answer.