How to find the correct insert location of massing from Rhino.Inside.Revit

I created a mass with “Add Component (Location)” in RiR, but I’m having trouble of placing it at the correct location. As shown in the screenshot below, the massing family does not align with the grasshopper geometry in red:

Below is the GH screenshot:

The outcome of the “Move to Point” component represents the correct location shown in Revit. I used its centroid as the input of the mass location. But the insert location comes out wrong. Any ideas how to find the correct insert location for the family? Maybe there is a better approach to create the mass family at the correct location in the first place? Any insights are appreciated.

In a typical Rhino to Revit Family creation the Rhino Geometry needs to be moved to 0,0,0. This will correspond with the Revit insertion point.

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Thank you! I relocated it to the 0,0,0 point and they align now.

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Hello, I have more or less the same issue and i would like to know in case we have a bunch of objects that we want to export as separate elements but in the same family/type. (The structural framings in the pic for ex). Thanks.

Hi Khalil,

Can you post the Rhino geometry and a bit more description of the issue you are trying to solve?


Hi Japhy, I want to export the beams in red and i’m struggling with the input location of ‘add component by location’.
It only works if I make different families for the same beam rhino geometry and (0,0,0) as an input for location. Is there a way to create one family with one rhino geometry and just changing the locations? If so what pattern of location should I do (Volume centroid ?)
Thanks for your reply.

Here is the rhino file :
Rir_Str_framings.3dm (2.1 MB)

If you use direct shapes you can insert geometry by the its Rhino location directly to Revit in the same location.

Creating a family you want to move your geometry to 0,0,0 to create the family. This works well with Rhino Blocks (Elefront 4.3 req’d) because you can then use the blocks insertion points for the Revit placement.

In this example i placed a temp block because your alignments are off.

re_placeTruss-Revit_2022.1.rvt (1.7 MB) (11.1 KB)
RE_Rir_Str_framings.3dm (2.4 MB)

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It works perfectly.
Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.