Can't remove license from removed member from team


I want to manage team member from cloud zoo.
I think that When I remove the member from licensed team, the member will lose its license.
However, license won’t be removed from the member when I remove the member from team.

Is there anyone who know how to remove member from team completely?


@aj1 - can you help with this?

The Team Owner or Team Admin needs to login here:

  1. Go to Teams
  2. Select the Team
  3. Select the Team Member
  4. Click Remove from Team

It could take a bit for the accounts server to synchronize with Cloud Zoo on this change, so the user will not be immediately kicked out. They will definitely lose access the licenses in the short term and long term, though.

If you can get them to run the Logout command in Rhino V6, they will be out.

Thanks for McNeel’s quick reply.

I tried but the license was never removed from deleted member even I waited for a long time.
I checked our team’s license status of use, unknown member is still using license.
Here attached is screenshot of our team.(some words is written in Japanese sorry)

Thanks for your reply, John.

It means that removed member has to command logout on rhino6?
I wish I can manage license from team management page.

Thanks for your reply, Andres.

Two days passed without removing license from deleted member.
As John said, should I ask removed member to command logout on rhino6?