Add Detail Line error

So I’m using RIR to do the column dimensions on floor plane.
I’m adding Detail Line for references and the error message shown as below.
It usually happens when I alter the input, then I had to make a new Add Detail Line component and it works again… any ideas?


Hi Ctu,

The error is saying out of bounds on the sketch plane. Are you switching views at some point? Does changing the Element Tracking mode clear it up?

  1. No I stay at the view.
  2. Yes after changing to “Replace” it cleared up .

Hi @Japhy,

Just an additional wondering, since detail line can’t turn into “invisible line”,
is “adding detail line as reference” the current method for linear dimension?
I’m trying to avoid adding lots visible lines one the drawing.


Dimensioning in Revit via the API takes some setup, our current components aren’t equipped to handle many common scenarios.

Here’s a start on Dimensioning a Family to the nearest Horizontal and Vertical Grid. This isn’t going to solve your problem and currently only works for one element with Named References. I’ll tweak it a bit tomorrow to make it a little more friendlier.

Revit-22-dimtoGrid.rvt (1.8 MB) (20.6 KB)

Updated to handle multiple targets and requires the button to be mashed to run.

Note the outlier at the bottom left where the nearest gridline wasn’t perpendicular.


There is a fix for this issue in v1.17 that will be available also on v1.16 today.

Thanks for reporting.

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