Trouble making Dimensions from Model & Detail lines

I’m having trouble with detail lines and model lines. I want clear space of rooms, so I broke them down into perimeter curves and made model lines.
I’m giving the dimensioning node the model lines and lines through each room. It acts like it’s creating dimensions and provides an element ID. When I search it in Revit, it cannot find a view to show me, but there is not an error that it doesn’t exist.
It’s not my visibility settings in Revit, workset issue, or phasing issue.

My guess is I’m not providing references the way it wants them.

Hi Jmarsh,

An image of your definition would help, my initial impression is that your lines aren’t grafted.

You were right, as soon as a grafted the references it worked.
(In the next release, can that be one of those auto-settings that nodes sometimes have for certain inputs? :grin:)
In this image, each room has crossing lines through it that are where I wanted the dimensions. You can see they are mostly lined up off to the left of the page which wasn’t where I expected them.