Add and remove control points on closed polysurface


This question will make it pretty obvious how new I am to this. :slight_smile:

I’m stuck on something I assume is simple. In the attached image you see a simple shape. The properties show it is as “Valid polysurface. Closed solid polysurface with 6 surfaces.”

I turn on the control points with the SolidPtOn command. Now I want to add two control points at the mid-point (as indicated by the red circles) so that i can move those points and change the shape. Also, how can I delete those same control points after adding them.


(Rob McPherson) #2

You’ll have to explode the polysurface into separate surfaces first, then add in your extra points to the relevant surfaces, do your modifications and then join together again if you need it to be a polysurface.

To delete the points, explode the polysurface again, show the points and select the row you want to delete and hit the delete key.

(Rob McPherson) #3

Hold on, try the splitface command first, this may be what you’re after. Is also less work!


The SplitFace command worked to add the control points. Very nice. Is there a way to combine two “split faces”?

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

Yes, use MergeAllFaces but note that the surfaces to be merged must be planar and in the same plane.


Thank you both.:+1: