Adding an edge to a solid / adding controlpoints to a solid?

is there a better way to solve this?
i just want to add a control points to the solid as in the first picture.

to do the operations of the second picture and obtain the geomerty as in the third picture.

isn’t there a better way to archieve this, then to cutting and rejoining it?

something like add edge or add control points ?
it feels so wrong to do it this way

without control point or edge he gives me this :

i’ve wondered this too. seems like there would be a tool to split a face.

the only way i’ve figured out, is extracting the surface i want to split, draw curve, split that surface and join them back with the polysurface.

hopefully someone has a better way

Use “Split surface by isocurve” (right click on the icon) on the surface you need.
On a polysurface, explode before and join everything after you splitted it.

This is possible, but it’s not really the way rhino was meant to be used.
Dragging edges or control points of solids will likely end up making errors on complex geometries.


i wonder why the restriction to split a face on a solid? be nice not to have to go through exploding.

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Yes, it would be useful.

Anyway, usually i explode a polysurface and group it… then using solid control points is much safer, if a surface will go crazy by moving points it will not affect other surfaces.

Explode>Group>Solid control points

ahh, good trick to know! ty

It’s good to know that iam not the only person That feels stupid doing this over and over Again

In c4d there is the Option Loop cut and several other options

Hi -

I’m probably missing something here, but you can simply run SplitFace on a solid.


DOH! after all these years! smh thank you!

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thank you

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