Accurately drag and place a curve by its endpoint

I got really used to dragging whole curves (without gumball) by their endpoints in rhino 5. since upgrading to rhino 6 I haven’t been able to return to my go-to work flow. In rhino5 I used to click on/near the end of a curve, with the end snap turned on, and by holding down the mouse button it would select the end point of the curve, and then I could move the whole curve to a new place, without modifying its orientation or its size/shape, and accurately place its endpoint at another snap point, mid, end, center, etc. In rhino 6 the same action, clicking and holding down on the end of a curve and dragging it drags only the point without moving the whole curve, effectively changing the curve’s length/shape while the other end of the curve stays put. This is the way rhino 6 behaves by default, and not the way rhino 5 behaved by default. How do I revert to a set of curve selection and drag settings that more closely resembles the one I described from rhino 5?

Hello - that should work - you may want to increase the snap radius in Options > Modeling aids page - does that help?


Uncheck Options>Mouse>Selecting>Turn On Control Points When Selecting a Curve

thanks a bunch max3. this is how I did it:

Uncheck Preferences…(aka command comma)>mouse>selecting>turn on control points when selecting a curve.

Ah. I missed that you were on a mac, even though the thread is tagged as such.