NOOB Issue Just Moving Control Points

Ive just done this on the first curve I created and now I cant on the second. Im using the Handle Curve because Im used to using this type of curve in other programs like Solidworks and 3ds Max. Im unable to modify the handles by themselves. Every time I move an end point, it drags the whole end of the curve in a straight manner instead of bending the curve. If I drag the middle point, it moves the whole curve as one. Ive tried many tutorials and read documentation and still cant find out how to do this simple thing.

Hello - Rhino does not really have handle-style curves - that is, you can make them that way, via HandleCurve but the result is just ‘a curve’ not a handle curve. So editing via control points (not edit points - different thing - use F-10 PointsOn to get control points if they do not turn on automatically) is like any other curve, not particularly handle - like.


Thanks for the information. I did find out what I was doing wrong. After I created the curve I thought that I had created duplicate vertices because they were close together. I did not realize that the extra vertices were the control vertices!