Move 'On Curve'

Hey all.
I’m working in Rhino 5 on a Mac and there’s a handy snapping function called ‘oncurve’.

For example if I have a line segment and add a point to one end, I can then choose the ‘move’ tool, select my point, choose ‘on curve’, select my curve, select my point to move from and then specify an exact distance of which to place a point.

NOTE - ‘on curve’ can be seen in the screenshot, third item below ‘quadrant’.

In Rhino 7 (windows in this case), I can’t locate the same function, nor can I locate it via a Google Search or command prompt.

Can someone lend a hand here?

Thank you.


Hello - on V7, set the osnaps to show ‘One shot’. On Windows you see those with Ctrl down but that can’t work on mac, so you need to set the view explicitly to one or the other. On the other hand there are a ton more one-shots now.


Excellent! Thanks Pascal. Good to know those tools are there. Cheers.