Accidentally Rotating View with Right Click

Am I the only user that unintentionally rotates the view with the right mouse button instead of entering? I used to do it occasionally but since switching to a new mouse (a 3D Connexion CADMouse, which came with its own very slick mat) I seem to be doing it more frequently. Other than this minor annoyance, I like the mouse so don’t really want to change again.

It would be nice if there were an option to disable view manipulation with the right button as I never use it (I use a 3D Connexion controller). I did request this feature a few years back but I understand it is low priority, and haven’t found it in the WIP.

Hopefully if others have a similar issue it will move up the to do list. If not I’ll just buy a different mouse and stop complaining!

Doing this:

seems to disable right-click completely inside viewport.
But you need to use space or Enter key to re-launch last command or to confirm a command.
Probably it’s not worth it.

I’d suggest you to try and learn to avoid right-clicking when you don’t need it…

Another incomplete solution:

You can use XMouseButtonControl
which completely intercept and “translate” right-click to any other operation (Enter is best, for rhino)
Make a new profile for Rhino.exe (it won’t distinguish between 6 or WIP)

But you won’t be able to right-click anything inside Rhino, so you will not be able to use commands such as Untrim.

Thanks for the suggestions but I think trying to unlearn years of right clicking behaviour in Rhino would be tricky. I use it as my default method of Enter, 99% of the time. I also use it for too many tools to remember (including Untrim).

Having an option to not rotate the view seems obvious but I know nothing about software development so perhaps it isn’t easy to implement. Also not worth the effort if nobody else has this issue.

A less slippery mouse mat might be the solution.

Hi -

I’ve added your request to the open item RH-38425.

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Many thanks, Wim.