Right mouse button no longer rotates 3D view

Not sure what has changed. I’ve been using Rhino for years. Now, since about a week ago, I can no longer manipulate the 3D view with the right mouse button to get to the perspective I need. I’ve checked my mouse batteries. I’ve checked with multiple drawings. I’ve used my Logitech MX Anywhere mouse for years without problem. Is there a Rhino setting that could have changed?

There’s nothing in Rhino to set. Watch that you don’t have some “accessiblity” setting turned on in Windows that may be interfering with it, or some Logitech driver setting. Otherwise it’s entirely possible your mouse is physically worn out.

Does the RMB work in other applications?

I purchased another Logitech mouse to test. It worked properly, proving the problem in the original mouse. That’s a first for me: “wearing out a mouse”.

Willem, the RMB worked with other applications. it also worked for a moment in Rhino when I’d removed and reinserted the USB receiver.

Good you got it solved, I need a new mouse at least once a year. And these mice meant for intensive use. Maybe I abuse them too much or my sweat is highly corrosive :wink: