Accessibility: Make UI Popup bigger in GH (MacOS)

Hi Community,

I’m working on a desktop computer. Everything in GH is tiny (including the popup when searching components), and it’s very hard for my coworker with vision difficulty, as they need to get very close to screen to see.

Is there a way to enlarge everything? (Note: I know zooming in makes existing components larger, but that don’t apply to the popup from double-click, which is important when adding new components)

Many Thanks!

The pop-up on the left is always very small, even when we zoom in

Thanks for the edit wim!

It seems in Windows changing screen resolution helps. But with my current resolution, GH seem to be the only app I use that has such tiny UI, and the computer says different resolution affects performance.

Hello, we still haven’t figured out a way. Could someone share some tips please? :pray:

It seems the popup size don’t change when we zoom in or out. The text remains very small

Hey @Gears_Gears,

The size of the UI elements are controlled by going to System Settings > Displays and selecting a different resolution for that display. GH, Rhino, and all other apps have the same sizes, and there’s no way to specify a different size for a single app.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help Curtis!

The System Settings say that if I change resolution, it will affect performance. Would it make GH run slower if I lower resolution (to make text bigger)?

From my experience the performance impact is so minimal it is hardly noticeable, and shouldn’t deter you from adjusting it to your preferences or needs.

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Awesome! Thanks a ton!