Interface Request

I’m motivated to learn GH but I find it a real obstacle when I have to peer and squint to read the tool pallets! I’m using an retina monitor - iMac - and the only way to increase the icon size is by changing the resolution which is not workable as of course every other application interface is then subject to a resizing
suitable for denizens in retirement homes.

Can you please make this improvement? Soon?

  • and then -

I found what I wanted. Then I tried to drag it in the window and this was drawn.
The component had to be deleted and a new one drug in. But I can’t get rid of the thing shown

Shared with CloudApp

Shared with CloudApp

The ‘thing’ is the outline of a preview boundary. All objects inside that boundary will be previewed, objects outside will be hidden. You can create a new boundary from the right hand buttons on the toolbar, or (on Windows) F1. You can disable the boundary (on Windows) by pressing Escape.