User Interface Scaling


I was introducing Grasshopper for Mac to a new user last week, they had a dual screen setup with a hi def monitor.
Rhino and Grasshopper installed fine, but much of the user interface was tiny (including tool tips when hovering over inputs and outputs or menu options for text input etc.

I might be posting a question that might be obvious to a more experienced Mac user, is there a way to increase display scaling on an application by application basis? I couldn’t see any GH specific settings that might control this.



Nope, all the screen scaling UI adjustments (slaved to the OS screen scale) have been made in the Rhino6 version of Grasshopper only. This happened after Grasshopper was ported to Mac. At this point the GH for Mac version is several years out of date with the current source, but I don’t know when or if (or even who or how) that will be rectified.

It could well be that everyone is just too busy with other stuff and GH2 will be the next update for Mac.