Panel display - type choice menu problem

Was doing a couple of demos yesterday and today and I noticed this on my laptop with a 4K screen:

Can’t see what’s in the panel because of the “choice” menu…

Depending on the zoom level, it’s better or worse:

My desktop with 2x normal HD screens shows the same at far zoomed in levels -

But otherwise, at levels far more zoomed in than the laptop, it’s normal…

Anything that can be done about this?


Increase the font size in the Panels?

// Rolf

I have the same problem. I have also experienced a font size change in the panel component by creating a file on my work laptop when I open it from mine, from being created in size 8 and finding it in size 20 on my computer. It also changes the size in some interface controls such as the dropdown submenus. I have tried many configuration changes of windows and in my graphics card settings without success, I have tried several times because it is really annoying. So some tips or tests to fix this would be great.

I just experienced the same thing when issuing exercises for a Grasshopper workshop (i.e. where panel text sizes were suddenly huge). As far as I can tell this might be related to the Windows display scaling factor.

Yeah, that seems likely, as I assume most of GH graphic interface stuff was programmed before hi-res screens were really universally available.

I just found that the static property:


returns 2.5 in my laptop. It’s a coincidence that 8 * 2.5 = 20 ? This is why the font size is changed as I explained in my previous comment @DavidRutten ?

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