4k Resolution Gh problem

Hello everyone,

Just having a problem trying to suss my Grasshopper resolution. Just got a new 4k laptop screen and the res on Rhino 5 messed up, so I changed to 6 which was better but the Gh is still abit funky.

Any ideas?


:D. I have seen similar problems with other software.

Monitor manufacturers never really thought that through. If you use 4K monitor don’t scale the UI.

GH1 on Rhino6 should look all right. I’m running a 5k screen at 200% which looks like:

What version of Rhino6 are you running?

I think this is version number? 6.0.16152.9051

When you say at 200%, how would I change mine to 200% (if its not already defaulted at that)


Update, it is up to 6.9 or more now (can’t exactly remember). That issue has been long gone.

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The way the GH screen looks depends on several things: the physical size of the screen, the underlying screen resolution, the overall screen scaling factor, and the GH zoom factor.

You have to use a combination of the last 3 to obtain a workable setup. It takes a bit of experimentation to come up with the right combination of settings. You didn’t say what size your laptop is, but if you’ve set your laptop screen to run at full resolution a 4K screen is going to produce pretty small text. My desktop system has a 27" 4K monitor, and to make things readable I’ve had to set it to 150% as shown in this image:

My system has 2 monitors and I put GH on #1 and Rhino on #2, which is a 24" 1920x 1200 screen. It has a 100% scale factor. Unlike the what diagram shows, the 2 monitors are actually close to the same physical size.

Scaling my 27" 4K monitor to 150% makes the GH menus & toolbars a decent size - although they are a bit smaller than I’d prefer - but the GH components on the screen are too small. So I set my GH zoom factor to 150% most of the time, sometimes switching to 140% if I’ve got a lot on the screen. David’s 200% is because he has a 5K monitor (I didn’t know there was such a thing) but the nice thing is you can tweak that value to whatever looks best for your particular configuration.

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That’s the Windows setting:

iMacs used to ship with 5k screens (still do, just checked), but these days I’m using a dual IIyama setup. Two screens, both 5k. I’m loving it, but yeah, it was really hard to find. For some reason most manufacturers pulled their 5k screens from the market a while back.

I wonder what is the speed of your mouse set to :smiley:

I assume the mouse acceleration is also tied to the screen scaling. Ideally everything looks and feels the same as it would on fewer pixels, just sharper.

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Ooops! I didn’t look closely enough at the first post to notice it was a Mac. Since I’m a PC person I have no awareness of how those systems work.

I missed that too. If it’s Mac, the only solution is patience. People are working on porting a newer version which contains the scale fixes, but it’s not known how long it will take.