Academic Licensing

Even after connecting to the academic network, I still can’t use the academic mode. Every time I right-click on the license component and select academic mode, my computer freezes for 5 seconds and then goes back to the free mode.Please tell me how to solve this problem

Hi River.

Could you try:

  • Make sure Rhino / Peregrine are not running
  • Open a file explorer (Windows button + E)
  • In the bar at the top of the explorer, type %appdata%
  • This will take you to C:\Users<your_usename>\AppData\Roaming
  • Go To LimitState > peregrine > license
  • Open license.conf with Notepad and change the text to Academic
  • Save license.conf
  • Delete any files in the folder with the “.lic” extension
  • Try running Rhino / Peregrine - it should hopefully now work OK

If this doesn’t work, can you confirm whether you are connecting with a VPN?