No Licenses Found Problem

Hi, I downloaded the program to use the 90 day version. but I can’t login with the password sent to my e-mail address.

You’ve already had a Evaluation and will need to purchase a license to use Rhino.

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements. EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.

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A category for license problems would be really awesome.


@brian , @bobmcneel
These posts are both frequent and monotonous in their similarity.

Since the evaluation installation process is obviously smart enough to not allow additional usage, perhaps it is time to make it smart enough to issue the stock explanation on it’s own rather than requiring the disappointed “evaluator” to resort to the forum and waste everyone’s time?

Perhaps it is also time to put some verbiage on the evaluation download page that makes it clear that due to recent changes an evaluator now only gets one 90 day period starting from download and emphasize that they should plan on budgeting serious time for evaluation during the next 90 days or consider delaying the download until they can.

It has been several decades since I tried an evaluation download, so perhaps these suggestions are already implemented and these “evaluators” post here anyway?

As a further consideration, perhaps a person using a .edu email could receive an evaluation license that lasts a full semester? This would allow the person using it for a one-semester class to complete the course and leave with a good feeling about Rhino while requiring those who are pursuing their Rhino education to actually buy a student version to continue. I realize that in the developed world the student price of Rhino isn’t that much more than many textbooks and that a lab license is a reasonable way for a reputable school to provide a copy for their students at even lower cost or free. Nevertheless I suggest this further alternative.

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Hello- these posts are for us to deal with; you can of course feel free to ignore them. Most likely they will diminsh once all the multi-eval users have got through their last 90 days.



Well, they don’t bother to search for the issue, don’t think about the obvious reason it might not work, and/or think the official corporate support forum is the place to ask how to cheat the evaluation period, so…it’s doubtful it would help but I suppose worth a shot.

There are a few technical issues with that–my school didn’t use “.edu”–but I guess the question is, are these people actually students? As an increasingly grumpy old man my instinct is that the 90 day trial is more than sufficient, it’s more than you get from anyone else. It is the price of a textbook you’re not going to read, or a weekend of partying–one night for the special pricing schools can get!–and you can use it commercially so pay up. I know back in my day everyone pirated their CAD–I didn’t, which only worked out at all thanks to the V1 free beta period–but today there are adequate legit free alternatives if you are damned and determined not to pay for software, there’s no excuse, if you want to be in the business of creating intellectual property you should be trying to support the concept.

Nice, these license problems clutter my feed.

How do you set the feed so “License” related topics are ignored?

What’s the trick?

It does, actually.

I’m sorry this is so troubling for you all. There are lots of parts of Rhino to support; this is just one of them. Believe me, your irritation with licensing messages pales in comparison to ours. It’s been one of my focuses for about 10 years.

I see many of you who are frustrated in this post pointing out people who crack Rhino. I view that as being protective of this community and our business, and I’m grateful for that. The moves we’ve made lately related to evaluations are at a different scale, and result in a big load of questions (most of which come in privately). I’m sorry that our moves bring frustration to you. We believe that this noise will calm down in about 60 days.