Rhino doesn't recognize my education license

After using up the 90-day trial I finally decided to invest in an education license for my studies. I just got it a few days ago but Rhino won’t let me in.

I open up the program, manually log in, and the program sees that I have an educational license via the CloudZoo service. When I click it, the program opens a window in my browser for Rhinoceros to access some of my personal information, to which I naturally press “Allow”. Upon pressing this button the site says that I’ve successfully logged in and that I can return to the app, but at the same time this error message pops up.
Screenshot 2022-01-07 114217
I’m not sure what to do and I really need help.

Hi Pickle_Juice,

There’s another recent post on this: Rhino 7 says it requires a license to run and closes when I have license

Ultimately the advice given (as is normal with licensing issues) was to contact sales@mcneel.com to get this sorted. As it is the weekend that may be cold comfort…


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Can you log in to your Rhino account and verify that your definitive license is actually in there? Also you should definitely remove the evaluation license key if it is still in the account. You can also try logging out of your account and then logging in again, as well as restarting your computer.

Failing all that, as Jeremy said, it may need to wait until Monday until McNeel sales can get you straightened out.