A strange visualization error

Hi everybody,
I’m new to this forum, hope you can help me…

If you take a look to the attached image, you can see the same group of objects repeated two times. The group on the left isn’t a copy… it’s just the ‘shaded view mode’ belonging to the original group on the right. In fact I cannot click, select or anything the objects to the left, they’re just a sort of… phantoms. :smiley:

I use this software for several years, but I had never happened such a thing…
Someone could help me?


from what i read from this forum it looks like this is related to " too far from origin problem", try that select everything> group> move (closer to the origin)

hope this helps

I cannot move the group of objects closer to the origin, because the left
group is exactly on the origin…

I’m working on this file for two months, but this error appeared only the
last week. I’ve tried also to open some older backup files, but it remains.

Have you tried to refresh the shading?

Hi @le_ro_y

Can you upload the file?

Hi Cosmas, I’d like to send you the file, but I can’t attach it here, it’s too big…

@Wim, what do you mean when you say “refresh the shading”?

Run the “RefreshShade” command on the objects.

@Wim ok, it worked!! I didn’t know this command… thank you!!