Bug: Move from w0 to far coordinate cause strange behaviour


I modelled some basic geometry object in other file close to origin then copied to clipboard then pasted into other file and moved it to its desired position far from origin.

It causes artifacts that displayed geometry and edges do not coincide.
I tried to delete one face of a polysurface and cap. After capping it started looking alright.

how is moving causing troubles but once object is modified suddenly its all right again. some regeneration process is in the background?
Is it a rhino internal bug or display bug related to drivers etc.

Hi Ivan - that’s a typical far-from-origin issue where the display meshes are using “single precision” numbers to create the mesh faces. The underlying NURBS geometry is not affected.
That said, most of these issues should be gone.

Could you post a simple example so that I can try to reproduce? One file with an object close to the origin and then a different file with the location that you are moving the object to.

box_far_from_origin.3dm (53.8 KB)

this is just a box moved 300km away from origin in millimeters. if you delete one surface and cap it back you will see how the display issue is gone

Hi Ivan - That specific procedure seems to be working a lot better in the Rhino 7 WIP. In Rendered mode, the mesh of the box looks perfect; in Shaded mode there’s some odd shading going on. I’ll get that on the list - RH-57025.

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