A smattering of SubD bugs

  1. Can’t model while draft angle analysis is on b/c ‘show edges and isocurves’ only works in wireframe and only works if you click ‘show edges and isocurves’ off & on again. Can ‘show edges & isocurves’ work with other, non-wireframe modes and work without having to click off & on again?

  2. Can’t select surface in shaded mode after running ToNurbs.

  3. If I use Undo in the middle of moving some edges that I’ve selected, the edges become deselected. It should work the way that it does when I move points around & hit undo (they stay selected so that I can try again.)

Hi Peter -

  1. got that, thanks

RH-62164 DraftAngleAnalysis: Display of edges lags

  1. Seems OK here so far…

  2. Yes, this is a known thing and not an easy one to fix as I understand

RH-59423 Undo deselects previously selected sub-objects


Thanks Pascal. Re 2, I think it’s more specific than I’m describing, so I’ll send something when I have it figured out.

Hi Pascal,
Here is a video showing what I’m talking about re #2 on that list. And I described it incorrectly. The problem is that I often don’t get the option to select the subd once I’ve created a nurbs version.

tonurbsproblem.3dm (157.5 KB)

Pascal, did you see this clarification re item #2? I think I responded to myself by mistake…

RH-62164 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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