Object selection troubles, edge dependant

Hello all,
I believe there’s a problem with object selection in rhino 7 WIP (7.0.20245.13385, 09/01/2020).
Here is a video showing the problem.
selection trouble.3dm (3.1 MB)
Rebuilding edge of the surface enabled proper selection, however it is as if I could not select the surface in shaded mode by its shaded “body”, only by isocurves or edges.
It is troublesome and causes multiple selection mistakes on different occasions.
what_after_rebuild_edges.txt (703 Bytes) what_before_rebuild_edges.txt (756 Bytes)
my system info.txt (2.5 KB)
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do any of these threads describe the problem as well? are you suffering the same as i and @Bogdan_Chipara

Win WIP (7.0.20248.23555, 04.09.2020)

not sure what i’m seeing. doesn’t look like it’s the same bug i’m guessing. that’s good maybe they can fix yours, as mine is not reproducable on mcneel’s end so they can’t debug it i guess.

thanks for replying.

Hi Michal - in the file you posted, selection seems normal here - can you verify that the problem exists in that exact file? I am asking because the video shows more objects in the file - if the scene is much larger overall, my guess of the moment is there is a problem in detecting the depth of the pick location. That may not happen in a scene with smaller extents.


Hi McNeel,
There is a problem in that object selection is kind of view mode dependent, in shaded mode you sometimes can’t select edges and in wireframe you can’t sometimes select faces easily. Also there is a problem in shaded rendered mode that Rhino often selects through an object if you try to select a face. Selection is less than perfect and although it works mostly I find I have to switch viewmodes to get edges or faces selected many times. And often it will just fail in a command like subd bridge or append. Also beware of the filter I hate it constantly popups makes for frustration it should go auto go away after it auto pops up since it’s easy to forget if it’s not called in the first place.
I’m sure most of this was reported already for V6