Layer Panel: naming of new layers

Hey There,

I just got over a small issue with the layer panel (I think this happens already since a few versions of Wenatchee but I only found time to go deeper into it now…).

When I create a new Layer in the Layer Panel and try to name it, most of the time I just hit the little «+» button in the Layer-Panel and start writing the Layer name and hit enter, to finish it.
When I do so without setting the window to the front (which means to first click once in the window and NOT hitting the button first) then the cursor stays in the command-line. So instead of a new name for the new layer just createt I will write a command. To avoid it, I always have to move the cursor manually to the layer name.

Perhaps this can be avoided in future versions? I would be glad, if upon a new layer being created, even without firstly clicking once in the layer window (but directly on the little «+» button) the cursor would be always on the layer name.


Thanks for this report. I’m not able to reproduce this using build 523 of Mac Rhino though. I tried several ways to make the cursor focus stay in the command line but haven’t been able to replicate what you describe. What build of Mac Rhino are you using? Rhinoceros drop down menu>About Rhinoceros

I always tend to use the most recent version (as soon as there are no major problems with it…). Made sure it is so this time too… and yes - It is build 523.

Just to explain it a bit closer:
I have a second screen on my mac. Normaly I have the layer panel on this one (its always open - I don’t use the dropdown --> see screenshot attached… I moved the layer panel to the main screen to make the screenshot though

Thanks, that was the missing detail I needed. If the Layers panel is floating, I can reproduce the issue.

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Sorry for being not precisely enough right from the beginning… hope it will be an easy fix.