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My computer hangs intermittently in rhino (i9, quadro a4000, 64GB RAM ). Do you have any setting recommendations?
no problem in view

With rotate view commands in view, Problem

You could go into the Display tab and turn off isocurves.

Apart from that, I wonder if you use the best tools for the job. This seems more suitable for mesh modeling. Try to _QuadRemesh the object(s) to a lighter model that still follows your details close enough. What’s your end goal with this model?

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Thank you, I check it. it is off mode, I do poly modeling in such difficult situations, but the production system does not support poly modeling, so I convert to nurbs modeling

See if you can postpone the conversion to Nurbs to the end of your process in that case. An intermediate step can be to convert your mesh models to SubD (_ToSubD and _QuadRemesh can help there too)

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Saving the file take 20 minutes , converting subd with quadremesh to polysurface :confused:

Those surfaces look way too dense to me. How is this going to be produced?

how can i lower the density for surface

This is to done in your polygon model stage, use as little faces as possible and as many quads as possible. Once converted into a nurbs model via subd, with this kind of density and so many faces, the model will not be editable anymore.
Still the question remains: how will you produce this part.

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Thank you I am lucky problem is foot : )))
model for 3d printer,
about jewellery

This makes no sense to me, so you can stay in polygonmodeling after all?

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How can I use rotate view command with target of object constantly (without selecting object )

select once and use zoom_selected that will adjust your camera and will stay focused even the object is not selected anymore. though the target may change when you zoom in and out often, so you might have to reaply that command at times.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think no continuously running command

why do you have to go to nurbs if you are printing? Simply stay in polygons. make nurbs bits to add in if needed and use mesh booleans to combine them (if necessary, if not leave them overlapping)


thank you : ) I asked user of 3d printer ,the software supports files obj stl slc files ,

“Simply stay in polygons” after I export a subd box (subd softened view with toggle) as *.obj file, I import it in rhino7 and it is not softened object

you can use the ToSubD command for that.

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:relaxed: this was a test as i was wondering how i sent it to 3d printer. For obj file transfer