Conversion to NURBS - Some help/some tipps would be much appreciated

Hi there,

I´m doing a model for a university project and wanted to take the chance to learn the new Sub-d features in rhino 7.

I´m hoping some of you can help me with this, I´m having troubles with the conversion into NURBS of star points, the resulting surface is not smooth and I could be wrong (an if so please point it out, I´m eager to learn) but I don´t think there is necessarily something wrong with my topology (at least for the referenced spot)!

Here are 2 snapshots of the troublesome spot, analyzed through the fluorescent tube map, I´ve also exported my sub-d in case you have the time to take a brief look at it and tell me what´s wrong.

I tried to play with the conversion settings, packed gives me better results (the ones in the snapshots) but still not good. The only solution I could come up with was to quad-remesh the sub-d which resulted in a quadcount of several thousands to preserve details.

Thanks in advance,

subd_manubrio.3dm (395.8 KB)

Hi @Ric.PrD,

I’m no expert, but I’d try and get rid of the three-sided surface:

with something like this:

As far as I’ve taken this, I’ve eliminated the irregularity, but need to tweak the vertex positions to smooth out the slight depression I’ve introduced:


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thank you @jeremy5 for having taken the time! This is of great help, I´ll try to build upon it.


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