License Validation errors

Hi Bob and probably @brian,

during the V6 WIP license validation, i´ve entered a V5 license code of my educators release. It gave me the error message that “Evaluation licenses cannot be ugraded to Beta”.

Once i´ve entered a V4 license key (commercial), it told me that “Commercial licenses cannot be upgraded to Beta” :blush:

Could you please send me that royal license or whatever is required to enter that desert ?

EDIT: I´ve just closed the validation dialog and WIP opened. :sunny:

thanks and good luck out there,

Hi Clement,

Can you please email me (brian at mcneel dot com) the CD-Key you received
from our system? It sounds like there’s something not quite right with it :slight_smile:

  • Brian

Brian Gillespie
Rhinoceros Development
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