Zoo with 5 and 6 versions licenses

Hi, my name is Matteo and I’m the IT for an Italian company.
I need help concerning the zoo. We had 2 pcs RHINO5 licenses. Now we have purchased 3 pcs RHINO6 licenses (new) + 2 pcs RHINO6 licences “upgrade version” for a total of 7 licenses.
I’ve loaded all the licenses in the zoo and I’ve installed all the Rhino6 software on the workstations of the users the 5 version too.
When all the 5 licenses RHINO6 are opened the 2 RHINO5 licenses become unavailable.
I guess they are separated licenses right? Otherwise I can throw my RHINO5 licenses away, right?
Thanks for help.

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Your arithmetic is a little off.
You own 5 licenses.

Of the 7, two are upgrades from V5 so you really own 5 concurrent uses of Rhino on 5 different computers.

In your Zoo console, the 2 V6 upgrades should have “clustered” with the V5s they upgraded.
You can run one or the other from the cluster.

The two upgraded V5s can only be used concurrently with the V6 upgrades on the same system running that V6.

My arithmetic is not a little off, it’s absurd that if I owe a perpetual license of Rhino 5 and I purchase the upgrade version Rhino 6 I can use the Rhino 6 only in the zoo. I paid for the Rhino 5 at that time and I cannot use it in the zoo.

I’m sorry but the Mcneel’s way of using license is a little off.

Thanks for your help.


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You traded in 2 V5 licenses to get 1/2 price V6 licenses. If you need 5 v6 licenses and 2 V5 licenses at the same time, then return the upgrades and buy 2 more full V6 licenses.

I’m sorry this is so confusing for you.

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Hi John, I have a similar but maybe not so similar problem… I’m interested to know how Zoo decides which licenses to hand out.

Our situation is that we have 30 Rhino 5 licenses in one of our Zoo servers, 15 of those 30 are upgraded to Rhino 6. Sometimes we are running into issues running out of Rhino 6 licenses, but upon further investigation there are users that have “clustered” upgraded licenses “In Use” and are only using Rhino 5 taking up those upgraded licenses when there are other non-upgraded licenses open and “Available.” Is there a way to hand out “Rhino 5 only” licenses to users that only have Rhino 5 open so that we still have the upgraded ones available to users trying to use Rhino 6?

I hope that was clear.

There currently is no mechanism in the LAN Zoo to specify or “prefer” which licenses are handed out.

Short of upgrading the remaining V5s to V6 so all licenses are in clusters, I don’t have a good work-around.

If the workstations have Internet access, the V6 licenses could be added to a Cloud Zoo “Team”, and the V5 licenses left on the LAN Zoo. Then the licenses come from two different sources.

Sorry for the confusion.