Missing command from the latest WIP build

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m missing the command where you create an edge between two subd points.

I also see that the SlideEdge command is not working is the one that is currently in the button

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I get:
Unknown command: _SlideEdge


exact has not been updated on the button


Run ToolbarReset to update the macro there. It was changed to Slide since it now works on verts too.

I’m sorry @BrianJ,

But you should fix all that namings.
It is very confusing.

InsertPoint doesn’t insert points it inserts an edge.
Using just Slide is not clear enough, it at least should have SubD in the name. As with all subd commands when they overlap functionalities with other functions intended for surfaces and/or meshes.

Please, reduce this McNeel language and stick to the English one. Command’s names should be clear enough describing what they do.

It is just Slide because slide works on just vertices as well. And it is not only SubD because it works also on Mesh elements.

InsertPoint inserts a point if you give Enter after the first point.

It actual does either or both. If you click just once on an edge you’ll get an additional point. If you click a second time on an adjacent edge you’ll get an added edge between the first and second inserted point. We can’t rename the command Insert either since that already exists.

Ok, to clarify a bit what is the actual confusion.

to insert a point would mean to click anywhere on a face and put a point, creating edges to each border point in that face.


To become this:

This what this command does only makes sense to me to create an edge connecting two border (not neighboring) points of a single face.

Here, this is what InsertPoint is most used for. At least by me. Selecting existing points do not create new points, it only creates edges and that is what the command should be named.

another feedback since I’ve started:

Subdivide shouldn’t divide each edge by two, but rather try to match the neighboring faces.

Subdividing this:

Should create this:

And not this (which is the current behavior):

It should keep the quad-ness.

I filed this as a request https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-58325 thanks. In the meantime, if you delete the face and use Fill you’ll get that result.

That’s where I’d use InsertPoint between Vertex Osnaps to add just that one edge. I know what you’re saying of course about Subdivide though. The result is all quads just not the minimum number. I filed a request as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-58326

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Thanks @BrianJ,

I am still struggling to find a proper workflow using SubD.

I have tried:

  • starting with a primitive and pull-drag to make a shape. This fails most of my cases because when you start adding edges (InsertPoint) or deleting edges (MergeFaces) you end up with some weird overlaps control points going in the wrong directions or in some cases points coincidence that you notice too late to undo.
  • starting from an existing nurbs shape of connected surfaces (having G2/G1 connections) and converting them to SubD trying to keep the curvature but make a previously multi-nurbs-polysurface into a single subd. At some edges (corners especially) you get weird bents and overlaps.
  • at the end when you convert the subd back to nurbs you get too many nurbs surfaces. Roughly each subd-face is a single nurbs surface. This is bad.

I don’t expect anything different, if the command names weren’t so confusing. That’s why I suggested there is subd- prefix.