A chair to stay awakened!

I innovated this chair for those people who have to stay up all night as an obligation. For instance, caretakers and nurses in the hospital, warehouse, or a policeman in the office.

The user can sit on the chair to rest at night, but he cannot go asleep!
The chair doesn’t allow him to nap or go asleep. If he naps, the chair will turn back or forth, and the consequence will be clear!
So the fear of crashing down alerts him to remain awakened all night.

Of course, it seems funny, but it is the only ordinary thing that can scare the sitter to go asleep on!

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In Germany, we say that the officers always take a keychain in the hand when sitting. So when they fall asleep, they will wake up by the noise the keys are making when falling on the ground.

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I think the person using this chair, will get a pain in the legs within less then an hour, and then use it like this (the only usage the backrest makes sense):

good night


Ah no! The canny occupier will recognise that the backrest defeats the object of the chair. It allows the occupier to tip the chair back against a wall, or better a desk, to provide the additional support necessary for a comfortable snooze. :wink:



Of course, the chair I designed and what I explained was not serious :slight_smile:

It was a humorous post, though the chair can be made and used for the purpose, practically. I hope you don’t think I want people to get hurt or I offered a harmful thing. I knew you would realize I offered a humorous chair. I don’t think anybody tends to use such a risky chair.

It was better I drew a pillow on top of the backseat, thus it could be usable, among for me that sometimes go asleep in front of the screen, at night! LOL