Ergonomic Dummy Made from Single Surfaces

I made this NURB ergonomic dummy, for vehicle and furniture design. Each segment is made from a NURB single surface. There are points grouped in such a way, that joints can be rotated in 2 planes and then brought back to their original positions. There are extra points in his hand to show the finger/glove reach. All of the joints overlap and interfere, but he looks okay.

Currently, its Rhino3D only, because I don’t have that other design program to check him out on.

I am pimping him up on GCTrader:


Hmm, is that what a 3D model without textures, rigging and animations is worth. I am pimping up all my models right away :wink:

cool, something rather helpful i would say, does the worm in the apple come with it?

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It’s an engineering-type model, made fairly close to a 50% average male. It doesn’t need rigging or textures for its purpose. The joints work pretty-well while being translated in Rhino. I needed it for modeling a vehicle interior. Because it’s minimal, not blocked, and because it’s all single surfaces, it can be remeshed for speed.

As stated, the worm does not come with the model : (

i suppose you could get him seated with kangaroo. i think its cool just checked out the rest of the images on that link. one thing i´d like to suggest to have a closer look at your poses, the way he walks here for example looks like he made a mess in his pants or is he naked? :smiley: , no seriously, for a tai chi in movement that would work i guess, otherwise the poses look very stiff.


Well, you have to admit, the guy is destined to be seated in the seat of the car. He’s enjoying the small walk he could take :wink:

You didn’t understand my point. I meant the price. It’s a little steep for a model without rigging and texture. I am familiar with the concept of these “Ergo” models.

well even crash test dummies having a short walk can have “Grazie” :wink:

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The model doesn’t need textures, and doesn’t require any kind of rigging. It’s a design aid. In use, I paste him into a layer, lock his surroundings down, and just move the limbs around. He has a pretty full range of motion without bending, without setting up bones or IK, without any setting up.

Compromise had to be made to get the overlapping joints to work better and smoother than a wooden artist’s dummy.

The pose is roughly Ward-Off from Yang Tai-Chi. The lack of turn-out in the foot would suggest Wu over long-form. The picture believe is Yang-style.

There are no other ergonomic models on CGTrader that doesn’t require rigging. There’s your big chance.

thats nice to hear that you really thought of Tai Chi, i honestly just guessed because i know the moves a bit, but didnt think you would actually try to promote your models with such poses. Tai Chi is not a very known form of martial arts to the masses, anybody not having a clue will also not see your intentions. if you want to sell that model then think about it. just a suggestion.

As I said…

It is the price that is worrying. I hope your potential clients don’t think like me. :wink:

nah i think the price is not so bad. how much do you get per hour? i assume building that up would cost you far more than 39 $. Of course if i would need one i would build it up myself because its fun and because my schedule is mostly not overly tight currently. but for somebody needing it in a hurry its rather a bargain.

Sure, but you sell this piece of code 100,1000,10000 times and you spent only a few minutes/hours to create it.

I am no marketing expert but I would definitely not pay more than $5 for this unless you make it dance and blink with rigging and textures. I know it is not necessary for “Ergo” model, but that would justify the price.

And include the worm in the apple :stuck_out_tongue:

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well then, welcome to the real world of business :wink:

Btw, my daughter (3 years old) saw me watching at the pictures and asked me why is there a worm there? What is this man doing? (about the tai chi form) :smiley: it was so sweet.


Hi Brenda,
Cool that you sell this!
I think it should be possible to sell a model like that, and I have made a few of my own during the years when I worked with furniture design, so the following is my honest response to the model and the way you present it so it would reach me in a manner that I would be willing to pay for it.

My advice would be to redesign the head to a simpler shape with no eyes and less nose/cheekbone.
IMO it draws attention away from the design of the object that it is there to support.
Also the head seem to rest on the shoulder with little neck, and a 90%tile man has a neck, so it should be as physically accurate as possible to draw customers. And work on those poses, make it look like it is easy to arrange it into a natural pose. I don’t know anybody who walks with their hands like that so why would any customer be interested in posing it that way? IMO they would be interested in posting it in the most flattering way possible.

These days I work with landscape architecture and the models of my choice are these:
(Untextured, downsampled versions of 3D scanned people)

(I just rendered them with two rectangular lights in Raytraced display mode)
And the reason I like them is that they are the right size, they portray people with emotions and at the same time they are not detailed or colorful so they draw attention away from the design.

I hope that inspires you and ALL THE BEST!


I understand and agree with you @Holo, but is this price realistic for such a model?
This is honest curiousity, not trying to undermind the model here.

I included the eyes so that while working on vehicle design, the view outside the vehicle is important.

The head is largely, as drawn in one of the studies.

For my own use, I have view fustrum wedges, that I group together with his head.

[The man with son image suggests does suggest someone who is put off or guarded.]

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I agree on the poses of the mesh people being unfriendly, and that’s what I dislike about them, but they were free :wink:
(And the point was that they are human in their stances)
Regarding crash test dummie heads, then most of them look horrifying and are not suited for use as standins in visual examination of designs, they are just for technical evaluation purposes and if that is all you aim for then you are on the right track, and I fully understand why you added eyes, but it makes it look alien and spooky though.
So my personal taste would be to go for a simplified version ala this:
As I think it would be more appealing for designers to buy (all about business here).
All the best though and I hope you sell a lot!

all those crash test dummies remind me of that very nice melodic rock ballade


See now I do wanna see this dummy rigged and dancing :smiley: