A sofa with Nurbs

I designed it without using any picture or drawing four months ago, before becoming familiar with SubD. I’m not a woodworker and had never designed a sofa before, but my talent and potential imagination helped create that. If you pay attention more, you will see I have made a bulge on the backrest. I had a physiological look for designing that. The bump helps the user to sit straight, and his backbones and the muscles around them are bent forwardly a little and neutralize the gravity and the weight of up parts of the body. It would be the correct pose of sitting.

Sadly I forgot to make its legs!


Nice topology

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Hi Ben

Happy new year to all you Christians. I wish, it is a good and fruitful year for you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but after thinking for a while and analyzing myself, I concluded that probably my purpose was not praising myself. Maybe I meant that I did that based on my talent and not experience.

However, it was better that I didn’t say that sentence which has the smell of self-showing

Thank you that you pointed to the social tip :slight_smile:

I like your model, it’s properly done and with thought how to improve it. good work!

it really made me smile in a good way. I myself can’t sell myself when it would be handy, e.g. making good publicity. It’s a good thing to know that you are amazing, did a good work and tell others about it. no blame at all

happy new year to you, too

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Nice work.

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Hi, dear Ben

I will get not bother if others show my defects, though your purpose was not that.

The first thing I should do is that to give thanks to Rhinoceros and the scientists who originated this wonderful engineering software that helps users to realize their ideas in the best way.

Thank you for your graceful comment :slight_smile: