A comfortable chair

It is a comfortable and stable chair with an integrated leg. I modeled it with NURBS


Does that chair rock a bit forward when getting out of it?

Hi, dear moderators

I can’t enter the forum! When I try to open McNeel’s website, it just
shows a blank page that is loading, but nothing appears after the
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I see no issues with your login here… maybe clear your browser cache and try again?

Hello, senior

From yesterday up to now, I couldn’t visit McNeel reference. I deleted
all caches, but nothing changed. Probably it is because of my slow
internet. From that time, the rate of downloads decreased as well.
Most likely, the problem is temporary because I haven’t had such a
problem before.

Hello, Mr. Robb

First, thank you for your sharp technical insight.

Yes, the chair has a gradient toward the back, and the front of the leg has a curvature shape that seems to create a problem for the sitter when he wants to get up from the chair.

There are two alternatives:

1- When the sitter wants to stand up, he puts his hands on two sides of the seat while leans forward a little for balance. That is the simplest solution.

2-Adding two handles for the chair, though it makes the seat tighter for sitting and heavier for replacement.

I can design the handles integrated with the leg with two soft leather covers.

Many thanks for your attention :slight_smile: