A BIG WISH THAT I WOULD PAY $ FOR: Clipping plane with custom hatch patterns and layer based line thickness

If I had to pick just one upgrade for Rhino, it would be to make clipping planes much more effective for generating 2d section views in layout. I really dislike having to create make2d and then customizing the line thickness and adding hatching… when I later have to do changes, due to time constraints, I usually just change the 2d linework, leaving the 3d model at this point obselete. It’s really sad and discourages me from modelling in 3d on many projects. So in this ideal version, the clipping plane would:

  1. The option to hatch clipping plane elements uniquely. For example: in a plan section generated from a clipping plane, I could hatch the walls with a 45 degree cross hatch at my specified scale for that hatch (maybe I want the lines tighter together) and the columns with a solid hatch set to a light grey color.
  2. Customize lineweights of the clipping planes. I often need to generate overall sections as well as zoomed in details of those same sections to allow for dimensioning and labelling. In this case, the lineweight for the detail section view might require a thicker lineweight, and so Im forced to literally draw over top of the view with a thicker line layer, or make2d and then changespace those elements to bring them into layout view to change the lineweights. It adds time and complexity that I think could be averted with a smart refinement of the clipping plane function.

If this change could happen, I would gladly upgrade. Then I could update the model and rest assured that my layout views are updated accordingly with correct hatching and lineweights.

Is anyone else with me on this?
Anyone have a clever workaround or approach?

Have you looked at section tools? I don’t know if it does everything on your wishlist, but it sure is handy.

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As long as we’re dreaming it would also be nice to have a live link between the model and the 2D drawing so that if I change the model the 2D updates and I don’t have to Make2D all over again!

Yes, that’s what I tried to convey in my request. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Having a look now!