Layout wishes

Some of these are probably repeats, but a short list after some layout heavy work:

  • Hatching / section line. I know I spoke with @lowell about this, so I won’t rehash it all here, but this is probably the largest time expense for me when creating a drawing. Giving layers the ability to assign hatch “brushes” (for lack of a better word, a combination of hatch styles) which would display when a clipping plane is applied. This should work on non-closed objects as well (perhaps looking at the surface direction to determine which side to hatch)

  • Dimensions:

  • Ability to import a block to use as an arrow type

  • Override individual arrow types (like if I want a tick on one side and an arrow on the other)

  • Sub-object picking (Shift+Ctrl) for dims to allow assigning different weights or hiding different parts of the dim

  • Center marks without placing a radial dimension

  • Ability to import a block to use as a custom center mark

  • Dimension “hop overs” where I can place an arc in the extension line to hop over another dimension for clarity.

  • SPELL CHECK (please :smiley:)

  • Some method of creating reflected ceiling plans, perhaps having a camera that I can place in a bottom view, then assign an X scale of -1 to the camera

  • Ability to mirror text and hatches without reversing the text or the hatch pattern.


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I can’t help with much of this, but for your last item you might find Pascal’s script for MirrorEx helpful.[]=pascal&s[]=tools

Thanks for that Mark (bit of a belated thanks, but thanks none the less :thumbsup:)

One other dimension wish that came to mind would be a way to insert a squiggle into the dim line to create a broken dimension. “Why not just explode?” Cause it would also be great if dims could be smarty pants and know when they are spanning two details with the same CPlane, view, and scale and give the actual broken dimension length. Perhaps also allow a block to be used so we can have something that matches our drawing style.


I would agree spell check in layouts is needed!!!

+1 on the hatch brush. Are you referring to being able to do a solid grey poche with diagonal hatching over it when cutting through a section @Sam?

I hope this gets attention. We’re trying to move away from AutoCAD completely. Nearly all of the above is needed. I can only add:
a) ability to dimension irregular surface edge length with regular looking dimension (not creating a curve and dimensioning it with leader).
b) Hatch non-planar surfaces (at least visually)?..