WISH: A nice clipping plane cross hatch option

Are there any plans to improve the clipping plane views to include a cross hatch? I’m resorting to section or make2d and then manually hatching, and changing space to bring them into paperspace, but it adds too much time and complexity to the work.

PLEASE make a nice clipping plane hatch option in the next edit. PLEASE.

Thank you.

Hi Peter - this is only part way there at best (I think you want a hatch display on the clipping fill?) but it may lessen the pain somewhat for now: You select some objects and a clipping plane and if all goes well, the clipped section gets curves and/or hatches added.

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

CPHatch.py (4.1 KB)


Yeah - that is a bug, I believe in Rhino Common - if you make one solid hatch in your file before running this thing, it will work.


This is my attempt, though still far from being good enough to share it.

I do not understand why hatches are bound to a viewport, but do not have the option to change the viewport like the clipping planes.

That’s right. We don’t need extra line-work or hatch objects.

I had taken a stab at a Grasshopper/GHPython workflow a little ways back. Not sure it’s the best way, but it got close. Maybe this is an option?
Note: When you start a new rhino document, there are no hatches in the hatch table. With some gh plugins that have hatch capabilities, it may show an error when you first open it. In most cases, if you type DocumentPropertiesPage->Hatch->OK, it will load the default hatches into the document.

NOTE: example uses Human Plugin and a custom ghpy comonent for making clipping plane.
RHINO 6 (Version 6 SR17 , 6.17.19189.16411, 07/08/2019)
GHPY_CuttingPlane4.gh (1.1 MB)

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