Wish: Layer Hatch setting for ClippingPlane and 2D sectioning

Hi, I work on a large architectural BIM project and I need to work in/with sections, and Rhino is so close to being up to date in this area.

All we need is the ability to add hatch settings to layers and then let clippingplane and make2D use that information.


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Hi Jorgen- thanks- we are looking at how sectioning and clipping should be tuned up - I’ll add your comments to the discussion.


Take a look at Revit if you want to see how they handle clipping planes and clipping volumes. It is nice and handles really complex BIM models at ease too.

I am working on a “simple” script to make good sections now.

Jorgen, I agree with you. I have put this forward as a wish and have been advocating for it. Not sure if it will happen in V6 though. Here is the bug items for it RH-28717 & RH-29076.
May I ask what it your workaround at the moment? You mentioned a script, does it associate layers with hatch patterns?

Please Rajaa, make this happens in V6 ; ) That would make Rhino the best software for architects!

As a tangential request, someone today asked if clipping planes on “solids” could have a texture applied that would show up in rendered mode… --Mitch

Not just architects. That’s a feature we ‘all’ need sorely. Ref the script @Danbayn is developing for the mechanical crowd.

I will add your voice to the bug item. Keep it coming.
@Helvetosaur , I am still fiddling with test commands in V6 for an improved ClippingPlane functionality, and yes taking the attributes of the cut objects will be supported, as well as history update. Will let you know once something is ready to try.

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This is a very interesting approach:

this is nice and simply.
wish we had in rhino, the simplicity of SketchUps display style, shadows, and its layout approach

Bump for luck

Bump. Hatches on solids having a section through them would be amazing.

This wish is still on our list, yes.
It is currently set to “Future” - RH-28717

Hi @wim, is there any news about this? Be able to apply different hatches to solids via clipping planes would be a godsend to architects and I imaging most designers in general. Please McNeel reconsider this wish and make it a priority, there has been numerous posts asking for this feature for more than five years.

Here an example in SketchUp using Skalp.


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Hi @jespizua, I completely understand how useful that feature would be to a lot of people.

However, given the fact that this was placed on Dale L’s list, and that he has his plate full of SubD stuff, I wouldn’t expect anything to move this way before RH8.
In the meanwhile, there’s VisualARQ…

Thanks @wim for the update. It’s gonna be hard having to wait 4 or more years for V8 to be ready, really bad news.
I would use VisualARQ but I’m on mac OS, and last time I heard about it, they didn’t have any plan to port VisualARQ to Mac…