WIP Morgan 3 wheeler

Still a wip, but is usefull to see something interesting after few hours of modeling.
i want to do some considerations between old r5 and brazil and new r6 and brazil for r6
i don’t know if is merit of rhino 6 but now brazil is scary :slight_smile: really awesome and capable to give good vibes after some hours to test it with automotive rendering and studio renders.

  1. the reflections, now are more realistic than before, but i don’t know if is only my sensation
  2. enviornment, same as reflection, i think the developers work hard to improve something inside the env. system infact now seems hug the scene better than before with reflections in paint and metals really good for realism
  3. shaders and default materials now are great and easy to create classical mat. Like metals gems glass with 2 click of mouse and this is really appreciated, nice really nice.
    These shots just for testing the new features, i guess to see the final modell in few days
    Hope you enjoy



Which rendering engine you are using ?

Those look great!
@foreigner Agesandros said he is using Brazil for Rhino.

nice to hear it.
i’m trying to create some dirty materials but is really hard achieve the rigth reseult about tyres and metals.
i will try to push the rendering realism.
another shot the last one