6 or 7? Advice welcomed!

Hi all.

I’ve (relatively) recently bought Rhino 6 but, not long after, 7 came out and I’ve been using the 90 day evaluation of that. This is soon to end. Foolishly I’ve missed the boat for the discounted upgrade.

I mostly do rectilinear stuff, drawing furniture/cabinetry that we make. So no organic shapery and no Grasshopper parametric business. Is there any reason I shouldn’t just revert to 6 and carry on like that or is there a compelling reason to fork out and pay for 7?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

Thanks all.

Why don’t you think you are able to answer your own question? Was version 6 meeting your needs in the past? Has your V7 experience revealed any “must have” features that markedly improve your workflow?

Since you missed the discounted upgrade you aren’t under any time constraint to upgrade anymore so you can do so anytime in the future when it becomes obvious that a need has emerged for some of it’s new features.

I hope these additional questions will help guide your decision making.

Grasshopper player (and now Hops), quadremesh and SubD are the Rhino 7 “killer features”. (at least imho)

That means you wouldn’t have used SubD and/or quadremesh anyway, probably.

Also, grasshopper player / hops are just means to use grasshopper, but you still have access to 99.9% of grasshopper functionalities.

Absolutely fair question! But I jumped straight to 7 before I tried 6, so I don’t actually have experience of 6. It’s therefore a strange question, I know. You’re right about the discount timing but my evaluation is about to expire so I will either need to buy 7 or back save all the 7 files I’ve made over the last few months so they don’t become unreadable (if that’s what happens). So I guess the question is ball ache vs. cash? Who wins.

Appreciate your input, thanks!

That’s useful. That sounds like it might be worth reverting given those features aren’t really in my current usage… Just need to backsave all my files to 6!

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That should do it. It’s not really a tough thing to do nor particularly time consuming unless you have hundreds of files. I think it should be possible to initiate a conversion in about 5-10 seconds after the first one. Then it will be just the time it takes to write the new converted file. Might get boring after 10 or 20 files but otherwise no big deal. If you have hundreds perhaps someone here can help you automate it.

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Does rendering quality matter in your business? The rendering in 7 is much better.

I have found the better rendering to be valuable when visualizing materials in context of the room it will be installed.


Thanks for this input Scott. We don’t do much in the way of rendering at the moment but that’s an impressive image you posted and the idea is somewhat compelling. Is it straight out of Rhino?

Yes, straight out of rhino 7, no touch-ups. And finished in 8 minutes.