Upgrade to Rhino 7

Hey there,
I was wondering if it makes sense to upgrade to Rhino 7, although I don’t use SubD Modeling, yet.
Are there other features or changes for which it would be worth to do the upgrade?
I´m a student so it would be quite affordable for me.
What do you think?


What version do you have now?

Hi Paul -

Have you looked at all the details here - New in Rhino 7?

V6 right now

Hey Wim,

I looked through it, but couldn’t find any major thing… So i´ll keep V6 for now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the effort!


Hi Paul,

That’s the beauty of McNeel’s business model. Other products charge maintenance and you basically pay for new releases sight unseen. But with Rhino, you decide if you want what the new release has to offer, and you are free to pass if you don’t feel it has value for what you do.

I will say this though. I manage Rhino at a company with around 140 Rhino users here in Canada and another 30 or so in the US and Mexico. I lost count of how many of our users commented on how much they liked V7 more than V6. If you can upgrade at a student discount and you can afford it, you might want to give it a second thought. Remember, owning V7 will also entitle you to work with the V8 WIP. You may find something there that appeals to you.

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That’s great to hear; thanks! I do feel that Rhino 7 was a massive update and our marketing material can only cover so much of what was really added.

The V7 Rhino Render is based on Cycles now that supports PBR materials.
In V6 Cycles was only used for the Raytraced working display mode.

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Thanks Dan! That’s a really good insight you gave there! I feel, especially when you’re a beginner, you might miss some things because you don’t notice them yet. Very good to hear a professional opinion!

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